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Oct 25, 2002

Copyright (c) 1999-2002, Masaaki Takemae.

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  Welcome! This is my page for software I've written for the Palm device. I had to write some software for the device. The device appealed to me as a software developer. I made this software for your Palm device.

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PocketShogi PocketShogi v.1.5.1
  Released: 10/25/2002
Size: 215K
Type: Shareware US$ 10.00
PocketShogi is a Japanese chess program which can play against Palm device. The v1.5 supported Palm OS 5.0 and High-Density.
Puzzler Puzzler v1.1
  Released: 5/27/1999
Size: 5K
Type: Shareware US$ 5.00
Puzzler is a DA screen saver, that divide the screen into 2D squares and blocks which slide around the screen - shuffling the screen image. It might well be the screen saver for the Palm V on cradle.
Gadget Home's Plug-ins Pack Gadget Home's Plug-ins Pack v1.1
  Released: 5/27/1999
Size: 15K
Type: Shareware US$ 5.00
Gadget Home's Plug-ins Pack are shareware programs that extend the capabilities of Home in a specific way - giving you, for example, the ability to show battery status or display current time from within Home.
QuickSync DA QuickSync DA v1.0
  Released: 4/18/1999
Size: 1K
Type: Freeware
QuickSync DA is a DA program, that start quickly the HotSync(r) process.
Expense Report DA Expense Report DA v1.6.1
  Released: 11/30/1999
Size: 8K
Type: Freeware
Expense Report is a DA program, that shows total amounts in the built-in Expense Application on the Palm III .

The v1.6.1 fixed bug that expense report no longer reports the correct totals for each category.

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