This season(Dec 2016-Apr 2017)
Hotel Fee (Consumption tax not included)
The price may be different from when you make a reservation from the search site.
Hotel Fee
adult children
age 13 to 17
age 3 to 12
1 night & Dinner &
7,500 Yen 7,000 Yen 6,500 Yen
1 night &

5,500 Yen 5,000 Yen 4,500 Yen
1 night &
no meal

4,000 Yen

until 3 years old free of charge
 (No meal ,No bedding)
There is a special discount lift ticket for guests

The contents of the description may be changed.
Please confirm at the time of reservation.

Reservation / Inquiries
Please contact by e-mail
Hakuba Norikura Maruyamakan
Otari village Kitaazumi-gun Nagano Prefecture Warabi (get off at JR Ooito Line "Minami Otari" station)